Video Walls are configurations with multiple FHD screens that create large, high quality images, presenting your company information in a different way.

Showing images and videos about your business to a wide audience. Important fact for big events like conventions, shows, fairs, exhibitions, congresses, presentations…

SB Service Video Wall displays have an ultra-narrow bezel of 1.8 mm, which allows to obtain an image that looks like one.

Ultra-narrow bezel

The large format video wall consists of several screens with a FullHD 2K resolution and an ultra thin 1.8 mm bezel

Multi Matrix

The VideoWall allows the creation of different types of matrix, from simple 2x2 to large formats such as 5x5, 24:9 formats such as 3x2 or ultra-panoramic 3x1, always with the combination you want.

Dynamic Content Options

We can develop different types of configurations, a single image, an image on each screen, a mosaic with different signals...

With the Video Wall solution we can develop all kinds of set up, which will allow you to show information about your company, product, service or brand in a way that will attract the attention of the participants of the event.

We can join several  46″ or 55″ screens creating 2×2 and 3×3 matrices. Get screens of 204 x 115 cm and 306 x 172.5 cm in the size of 46″ and 244 x 137 cm and 366 x 206 cm in the size of 55″.

The Video Wall is characterized by its ease and speed of installation. In addition, it allows the image and content to be adapted to different formats. This makes it a perfect audiovisual solution for all types of events.

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