SB Service has its own team of programmers capable of developing all kinds of interactive apps for our touch devices. This programming service will allow you to have custom-made applications for your company and type of event and information to be shown. We can develop virtual guided tours, interactive catalogs, questionnaires, corporate games, surveys, information pages, maps, booking systems, puzzles, cards, menus…

This makes a combination of one of our large format interactive touch screens. In the form of Smartphones, Totems, Outdoor Totems, Rotating Totems, Tables, Kiosks and Screens. Ideal for all types of events. Such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions, trade shows…

Also, for restaurants, hotels, shops… Thanks to having these elements, your customers will be able to perform actions such as check-in or book services or products, through the interactive touch with an installed application.

Thanks to having a touch interactive with a customized application, you will achieve that the assistants to the event or clients interact with your information in a different, autonomous and unique way. Differentiating you from your competition and attracting a greater number of potential customers to your stand.


Our team of programmers will be able to develop all types of applications such as games, menus, catalogues, maps, customer satisfaction survey...

Apps + interactives

The union of an app with our large format interactive touch devices will manage to attract a greater number of potential customers to your information.


Great management of your event contents and interactive apps, making them perfect for fairs, shows, restaurants, hotels, exhibitions, shops or congresses. Our team will support you in real time.

Our applications are all developed in Web APP. This allows us to ensure that the application will work in all types of situations without compatibility problems. You as a client will be able to check it out from your chair, you will follow the progress and development of your ideas without the need to travel.

Users are increasingly demanding interactive content where they can explore. Make decisions and interact with the content as actors and not just as spectators. Thanks to our applications they will be able to enjoy this type of experience during the time they interact with your information.

We are pioneers in offering all our touch screens in 4K resolution. All our large format interactive touch screens have 4k resolution. Wi-Fi, Windows 10 Pro OPS built-in computers, and PCAP multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points.

Having our own team of programmers we can develop any kind of modification during the development of your events in real time since we are both suppliers of touch screens and developers of interactive apps.

We have experience in large events such as the MWC, Meeting Point, Fitur, IBTM, Salón del Manga, Eno Forum, SIMA, comic… Held in cities like Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Nice, Toulouse, Perpignan, Montpellier…

For more information and to explain your needs please contact us in the contact section. If you wish to follow our productions, please visit our YouTube and Instagram.