Touch screens for rent for events, fairs, congresses, halls…

Sb Service has state-of-the-art 4K touch screens. Our 4k touch screens are composed of 10 simultaneous touch points, PCAP touch technology, Windows Pro 10 OPS, built-in computer and integrated Wi-Fi.

We offer a wide range of sizes to meet all the needs of our customers and type of event. Our catalogue consists of 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ touchscreens.

The demand for the hire of this type of interactive screens is increasing for all types of events, as it offers a different interaction experience to the attendees.


Unlike the majority of touch products on the market, SB Service only uses screens with a native 4K resolution which can also be adapted to other lower resolutions if the customer requests it.


A built-in computer with intel i5 processor, Windows 10 Pro OPS and integrated software to offer customers truly plug & play use. No peripherals required.


The use of these screens is identical to that of any high-end mobile phone thanks to its projected capacitive touch technology, high brightness and low response time.

SB Service develops interactive and personalized applications according to the needs and wishes of each customer. The touch screens connected to these applications allow you to offer information about your company, brand or product in a different and unique way, making it easier for the people who use the touch element to interact directly with the information about your company.

The integration of the interactive apps with our touch screens will attract a greater number of potential customers to the placement site. Developing perfect elements for fairs, conferences, congress museums… But also for hotels, restaurants, hotels, reservation centers, marketing and advertising campaigns, shops…

Our team of programmers adapts to the needs and desires of each client. Developing games, cards, digital catalogues, questionnaires, menus, information templates…

The rest of our catalogue is composed by Led Wall, Video Wall, Smart TV, Circular Truss, Square Truss and Black Truss. And in the interactive touch section it is made up of totems, rotating totems, outdoor totems, tables, kiosks and in the form of Smartphones.

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