Within the Truss section, we have the circular Truss, which allows us to develop a structure with a circular shape. Offering a more striking and different solution to those offered by the square Truss.

The circular Truss is being developed in aluminum, which offers great resistance. This resistance and its easy installation makes it ideal for all kinds of events, such as fairs, stands, presentations, congresses, shows…

Its low weight structure, easy handling and assembly allows the creation of ephemeral structures that are quick to install but offer great resistance. Sound, lighting, audiovisuals and advertising elements can be installed on them.

The union of circular Truss and square Truss allows to create different and striking forms. Attracting a greater number of potential customers to the place of presentation of their services, products…


We hire circular 3m, 4m and 5m in diameter truss. SB Service adapts the structures to the space and type of event to develop.


The circular Truss, thanks to its lightweight and easy to handle structure, can be installed quickly, making it ideal for ephemeral events.


The circular Truss is perfect for placing audiovisuals, sound equipment, lighting and advertising elements at fairs, congresses, corporate events...

SB Service offers the possibility of rental with transport, assembly and disassembly service and also free rental. In this second option, the customer rents the material and picks it up from our headquarters, taking care of the rest independently. The prices offered in our rates include transport and assembly up to 50km from Barcelona.

Our company has extensive experience in renting interactive touch screens and audiovisuals for events. We participate in all types of fairs such as Eno Forum, Infarma, SIMA, Eurobrico. ECO living Iberia, Hostelco & Alimentaria, Fruit Attraction, Saló Nàutic, Còmic, Expofranquicia, BforPlanet, Aratur, eShow, Cosmobeauty, Smart City, BIEMH, Bedigital, IBTM, Eurobrico…

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