Tactile interactives for trade fairs, corporate events, trade fairs, exhibitions, shopping centres…

The interactive touch kiosks consist of a 4k resolution touch screen, capacitive touch technology, integrated Windows Pro 10 computer and Wi-Fi. Offering the highest possible image quality.

The screen is supported on a wheeled stand to create the touch kiosk form. This shape makes them easy to use and interactive. Being ideal for all types of events, such as fairs, exhibitions, marketing campaigns and advertising ... Also, for restaurants, hotels, shops, central reservation …

We offer the possibility to customize and personalize the touch kiosks in the way the client wants, this way they will be an advertising element by itself. They can be used both vertically and horizontally.

4K Resolution

Our interactive touch kiosk has an original LG 4K native resolution display. They will allow you to show your company's information with the best possible quality.


Our touch kiosks can be customised. Through our interactive applications or external customization of the element, through vinyl or casing.


The interactive touch kiosks consist of a screen with 10 simultaneous touch points, an intel i5 computer and integrated Wi-Fi. This screen is placed on a support creating the tactile terminal.

They can be personalized using unique applications, programmed according to the client’s needs. With this union, you can present the content in a different way, capturing the attention of those present at the event.

They can also be personalized with vinyls which will make it possible to advertise your brand, your company, your product or your service in the same interactive.

At SB Service, we have bet on this cutting-edge technology by renting interactive PCAP 4K touch screens. It is a leading product in a constantly growing and evolving market. We have a great experience in the rental of audiovisuals for fairs held in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Nice, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Milan…

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