Tactile outdoor totems for events, fairs, congresses, trade fairs…

The outdoor touch totem IP65 is the latest addition to our comprehensive range of interactive touches. The outdoor totem, like the rest of the interactives, has Wi-Fi, Windows Pro 10 OPS with Intel i5 CPU computer, 4K resolution touch screens, large format and multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points.

In addition to these common features, it has an IP65 protection rating. This protection rating allows the totem to be fully exposed outdoors. Withstanding temperatures between 70º and -30º, sun, rain, heat, cold and humidity.

The outdoor totem has a touch screen with capacitive technology with 10 touch points. In this way, it allows the people attending the event to interact with their information in an autonomous, agile and different way.

Sun Readable LCD Display Screen

These devices have screens specially designed for outdoor use with a possible direct incidence of the sun, the brightness of the monitor is 2500 nits.


The main feature of the outdoor totems is the IP65 protection rating. This protection index allows it to work outdoors at full capacity, withstanding sun, rain, cold, heat and humidity.

Discrete Graphics Card

The outdoor totem uses a GTX1050 Ti graphics card with 4GB of dedicated DDR5 memory capable of working in UHD resolution to display its content with exceptional quality, it also has a double integrated heat sink.

Touchable outdoor totems can be customized using the interactive apps developed by our team of programmers. Thanks to this team of programmers we can develop all kinds of apps, according to the needs and guidelines of our customers.

We can create menus, digital catalogues, games, surveys, maps, information templates, booking centres… Creating perfect elements for marketing and advertising campaigns, restaurants, hotels, trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, shops…

The presence of a Totem Touch in conjunction with an interactive app will attract a greater number of attendees at the event. Making your event a success and more people interact directly with your information.

The rest of our catalogue consists of Video Wall, Led Wall, Smart TV, Square Truss, Circular Truss and Black Truss. Also, for the interactive touches in the form of giant Smartphone, totems, rotating totems, kiosks, tables and screens.

SB Service has extensive experience in the rental sector of audiovisual and interactive touch for fairs and advertising campaigns and marketing. We have participated in fairs such as Expofranquicia, SIMA, ECO living Iberia, Saló Gourmets, Infarma, Fruit Attraction, Còmic Barcelona, Cosmobeauty, BforPlante, eShow, Hostelco & Alimentaria, Nàutic, Smart City, IBTM, BIEMH, Bedigital, URBE, Eurobrico, Aratur, Smopyc, Eno forum…

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