Rental LED screens Madrid

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The rental of LED screens for events, fairs, congresses, halls… In Madrid allows the information of your brand to reach a larger part of the public present. SB Service has a wide range of LED screen modules. In order to create large screens for all types of events. LED screens are the best technology to get the information of brands and events to reach the audience present. Since they allow you to create screens of large sizes. Such as 3×1.5m, 3.5x2m, 4.5×2.5m, 5.5x3m, 6.5×3.5m…

SB Service has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor led screens. We offer different resolutions and sizes, to suit the needs of each client. The use of LED screens allows us to create any size, adapting to small and large spaces, marketing campaigns, advertising, types of events…

Quality of LED screens

SB Service has LED screens with pixel pitch P 2.8 and P 3.91 with frequency 3840 Hz for rent. We are able to develop large, high quality LED screens.


By joining modules of 0.5 x 0.5 m or 1 x 0.5 m we can create the LED screen sizes desired by each client.

Easy installation

The characteristics of the LED screens allow them to be installed quickly by joining the various modules together.

Characteristics of LED screens in Madrid

LED screens are made by joining different LED modules, allowing us to create the size and shape of the LED screen that each client wants and needs for each type of event. We also have indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. We can offer the rental service of LED screens in Madrid for all kinds of events such as fairs, concerts, sporting events, corporate events, exhibitions…

Outdoor LED screens have a higher luminosity than indoor LED screens. This feature allows them to be used outdoors and in direct sunlight, without deteriorating their visibility. They can also withstand adverse weather conditions, accidental impacts…

Giant LED screens allow brands to offer something original and eye-catching to those present. With LED screens you can display the information you want. At corporate events, you will ensure that the information reaches and impacts a greater number of visitors. Making your brand stand out from the competition.

Through our giant LED screen rental service in Madrid we can offer you a comprehensive service. We take care of the assembly of the large format LED screen, its programming and final dismantling. Our clients will not have to worry about anything, thanks to our comprehensive service. If you want to have a giant LED screen in your events in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation. Also, for events in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Lleida… In our Instagram and Youtube you will be able to see our latest set-ups.