Touch tables for events, shopping centres, restaurants…

The touch tables are elements customized to the needs of each client. They consist of a capacitive touch screen with 4k resolution. Multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points, Windows 10 pro 4k computer and integrated Wi-Fi.

When developing the tables customized to each client we can install touch screens of various sizes available, 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″. This allows us to create tables of various sizes, adapting to the space where it will be placed.

Its structure makes them perfect elements to interact with the client and contact information about your company, brand, products and services in a different, agile and easy way. Achieving a greater impact on your audience.

UHD resolution

The touch table consists of native 4K resolution touch screens. Your company's content will be displayed in the best possible quality.


They can be customized with vinyl, casings and paint. With your company logo and colors. And through our interactive apps.

Piece of furniture

Tactile tables are tailor-made furniture in which we install an all-in-one touch screen. These touch tables are made on demand.

The touch tables can be customized with vinyl, casing and paint. Using the colors and logo of your business. This way we will create advertising elements on your brand for all kinds of events.

As fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences … Also, are ideal for restaurants, hotels, shops … Our team of programmers can develop all kinds of interactive apps, such as games, maps, interactive catalogs, menus, information templates, central reservation …

In addition, we have Video Wall, Led Wall, Circular Truss, Square Truss, Black Truss and Smart TV. In the interactive touch section we have interactive in the form of Smartphones, rotating totems, totems, outdoor totems, kiosks and screens.

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