LED screens for events, fairs, congresses, concerts, halls…

SB Service has LED Wall screens for rental for all types of events. We have a wide variety of sizes, models and quality. With indoor LED screens p.p.2.8 for large events in various sizes. We also have outdoor led screens with p.p 3.9. We can create giant screens in sizes of 3×1.5m, 3.5x2m, 4.5×2.5m, 5.5x3m, 6.5×3.5m… Our latest addition is the 4m circular led screens with p.p.3.9.

This wide variety allows us to create the size of led screen that the client, event and stand needs. With pixel pitch quality P 2.8 or P. 3.91 and frequency 3840 Hz. Offering an image equal to that of Smart TV. 

The variety of sizes available allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers and the place of collation. Showing an image of great size and quality. Showing an image of great size and quality. Making LED screens for rent the perfect elements for all kinds of events. Such as fairs, congresses, concerts, sporting events, presentations, marketing and advertising campaigns…

SB Service has extensive experience in the assembly of LED screens for hire for events. We develop assemblies using square Truss and circular Truss. They can also be installed on walls. The rental of p3.9 and p2.8 LED screens are a good solution to make an impact on the audience present at corporate events. Creating customised giant screens for rent for your event.

Quality of LED screens

We have indoor, outdoor and circular LED screens in P 2.8 and P 3.91 pixel pitch rental with 3840 Hz frequency. This quality allows us to develop large format and quality LED screens.


The structure of the LED screens consists of 50 x 50 cm or 50 cm x 1 m cabinets. It allows us to create the right size of LED screens according to the needs of each client and place of installation.

Truss Structure

LED screens can be installed using our truss structures. We have circular and square truss structures. Transport, assembly and disassembly of the various elements.

SB Service has extensive experience in the audiovisual and tactile interactive rental sector for all types of events. Such as fairs, exhibitions, shows, congresses, concerts, hotels, shops, restaurants, marketing and advertising campaigns…

The rest of our catalogue is made up of Televisions or Smart TV, circular Truss structure and square Truss structure. And in the tactile interactive section we have indoor totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, in the form of Smartphones, tables, kiosks and screens.

The tactile interactives can be customised by means of our interactive apps developed according to the needs of our clients by our team of programmers. Also, by means of vinyls and covers. Developing advertising elements and through which those present at the event will be able to interact with your information in a direct and different way.

Throughout our years of experience we have participated in fairs such as Smart City, Meeting point, BforPlanet, Saló Nàutic, SIMA, SIL, SmartCity, Vive la Moto, Expofranquicia, Infarma, Tecma, Expodental, Aratur, Eno Forum, URBE, Feria Hábitat, Bedigital, ADDIT3D… The rental of LED screens for Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Málaga, Bilbao, Alicante, Girona, Tarragona, Lleida…

If you need a personalized budget to your needs, without any commitment, contact us in our contact section. To follow our latest works follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.