Rental of truss structure and televisions for events, fairs, congresses, halls…

In this section of our catalogue we offer the rental of televisions and Truss structures in various formats and for all types of events. In the TV section we have 42″, 43″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″ and 85″ sizes, all of them with UHD 4K resolution. And in the 32″ and 80″ sizes with full HD 2K resolution.
In the truss section we have square truss, circular truss and square black truss. Being able to develop different types of structures with different colours and shapes.

The televisions will allow you to show your information in a dynamic way inside your stand, attracting the attention of the attendees to the event. The Truss structures will allow you to create the perfect space to develop the event with the necessary lighting and sound and to be able to place LED Wall, Video Wall, advertising…

Smart TV

In our TV rental catalogue we have 32", 42", 43", 50", 55", 60", 65", 70", 75" and 85" in 4K resolution, and the 80" format in 2K resolution. We were pioneer suppliers in plasma TVs and nowadays in professional LED TVs.


Within the section of aluminium structures we have silver square truss, black square truss and circular truss, all of them with the classic F34 system of 30x30 cm section. Ephemeral structures for all types of events.

Sound equipment

We have amplified loudspeakers, professional digital mixing consoles, wireless handheld, lavalier or headset microphones and, above all, a wide experience in national and international tours.

LED Wall and Video Wall, interactive touch Giant Smartphones, Totems, Outdoor Totems, Rotating Totems, Touch Tables, Interactive Kiosks, and TouchScreens make up the rest of the catalogue.

The interactive touch can be customized through the interactive apps developed by our team of programmers. You can create games, menus, digital catalogs, roulettes, information templates, reservation centers, maps, virtual tours…

This union creates ideal elements for events such as fairs, exhibitions, shows, congresses… Also, for hotels, restaurants, shops… This will allow you to offer information about your company, brand, products or services in a different way. In this way, those present at the event or exhibition site will be able to approach your information in a direct, agile and interactive way.

SB Service is a company with extensive experience in the rental of interactive touch and audiovisual for trade fairs. As Smart City, SIL, Alimentaria & HostelCo, Meeting Point, BforPlanet, Manga, IBTM, Eno Forum, Aratur, URBE, Bedigital. BIEMH, Fruit Attraction, Cosmobeauty, Eshow, Expofranquicia, SIMA, Salón Gourmet, Infarma…

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