Audiovisual rental in Barcelona for fairs, congresses, events…

Audiovisual elements for hire are of great importance for events held in Barcelona. Most companies need to create highly versatile ephemeral spaces that can be adapted to the needs of the event and the uses of your company. In order to create these versatile SB Service spaces, we have a wide range of audiovisual equipment for hire in Barcelona.

Catalogue of audiovisuals for rent in Barcelona

Square truss

The square truss, like the rest of the truss, is made of aluminium. This material is highly resistant and easy to install. It is ideal for the placement of sound, lighting, audiovisual elements… Creating the ephemeral space required by the company and type of event.

Circular Truss

Like the square truss, it is a structure made of aluminium and easy to use. This type of truss stands out for being circular. Creating unique and eye-catching spaces. That will attract the attention of those present at the stand.

Led Wall

The union of various LED Wall cabinets of pixel pitch quality p 2.6 and p 3.9 with a frequency of 3840 Hz. We create led screens for events in the following sizes: 2×1.5m, 2×2m, 3×2m, 3.5×2m, 4×2.5m and 4,5×2,5m. Getting large screens where you can show your videos, images and information to the audience of the event.

Black Truss

The black truss stands out for its colour. Thanks to being black and not silver it allows truss structures to be less conspicuous. Allowing the rest of the elements of the ephemeral space to stand out.

Video Wall

The union of several FHD screens allows the creation of giant screens for events. Showing the information to your audience in an impressive way. We can create different sizes thanks to the union of 46″ or 55″ screens, forming 2×2 and 3×3. The distance between the screens is 1.8 mm.

Televisions for rent

We can rent televisions for events. We have sizes of 42″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″ and 80″. All made up of 4k screens and the 80″ in FHD resolution. The TVs for rent will allow you to show your information on the stand in an impressive way. They can play videos, images, relevant information…

This wide variety allows us to create the ephemeral space that the client wishes. Thanks to the different types of truss we can create the space with the shape, size and characteristics you want for your event in Barcelona. And the Led wall, Video Wall and televisions for rent, are ideal audiovisuals to show your information on giant screens and make an impact on those present.

SB Service offers a professional service and suitable for your needs in the rental of audiovisuals in Barcelona. We will develop the ephemeral space you want and you will be able to make an impact on your audience thanks to our big screens, Led Wall, Video Wall and TVs for rent. We also have interactive touch screens for rent throughout Spain and Europe, totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, kiosks, tables and screens, made up of large format touch screens, with multi-touch technology and incorporated computer and Wi-Fi. Contact us to find out more about our audiovisual and interactive displays for rent in Barcelona and other cities in Spain and Europe. On Instagram and YouTube you can see our latest work.


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