How bright does your LED event screen need to be?

The brightness of the LED screen rented for events is an essential element to ensure that its presence is beneficial to the brand. When renting a LED screen for your presence at events, you should take into account several aspects. Such as the resolution of the screen, the desired size… In today’s post we want to focus on one of the aspects that must be taken into account, the brightness of the LED screen.

Importance of the brightness of the selected LED screen

The so-called nits are the photometric units used to measure the brightness of LED screens. The higher the nits, the higher the brightness. The nits mark the brightness offered by the LED screen when it is used at maximum power in white.

It is essential that outdoor LED screens have a higher number of nits than indoor LED screens. The brightness offered by these screens must allow the screen to be used in direct sunlight. Also, they must have IP65, to be able to face the wind, cold, humidity, rain… In the exterior, another factor that determines the necessary brightness, will be the orientation of the LED screen. Since there will be orientations that will need a higher brightness to give more direct sunlight.

Another factor that will determine the brightness required for the LED screen is the distance of the visitors to the event from the LED screen. The closer they are to the LED screen, the lower the brightness should be. Too high brightness can be annoying. But, if the LED screen is placed high and far away from the visitors, its brightness should be higher.

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LED screen rental service for events

As we have observed, depending on where the LED screen is placed and where it is going to be used, a screen with the appropriate nits should be used. As rental specialists, we will advise you on the LED screen that best suits your needs to make an impact at corporate events.

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