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Within the Truss section, we present the latest addition to our catalogue, the black square Truss. This type of Truss is the latest trend in the trade fair sector. For this reason we have decided to expand our catalogue with black trusses for hire for all kinds of events, fairs, congresses, product presentations, advertising and marketing campaigns…

The black truss is composed of 29cm x 29cm F34 elements made of black galvanized aluminium. It has a low weight and an easy and fast installation, at the same time that offers a great resistance. It allows the placement of audiovisual, sound, lighting and advertising elements.

Its color makes it ideal for outdoor events where you can better appreciate its color, as photocalls, stands, presentations … Also, it is ideal for indoor events where you need the Truss is more concealed.


The Black Truss is made up of 30x30 cm square segments made of black galvanised aluminium. Any configuration can be developed by joining several segments together.


The low weight and easy handling structure allows to develop its assembly in a short time, creating ephemeral structures.


The Black Truss is ideal for placing sound, audiovisuals, lighting and advertising elements to create eye-catching spaces for your events.

The demand for black Truss in recent months has increased considerably and many of our customers are asking us for black Truss ephemeral structures. As it happens with other elements the predominant and preferred colour among the users is changing, in the case of the Truss the predominant color until recently was silver, but now it is changing to black.

SB Service knows that it is basic to offer various options of colours and products for hire to our customers. We manage to adapt to their needs and desires. Our company offers different types of rentals, such as dry-hire or all included hire, adapting to the needs of the different customers. Our site list of prices includes the transportation and assembly until 50km of Barcelona.

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