• Standard hire: this type of rental service, also called “turnkey” includes the equipment delivery, installation and commissioning on the agreed place, date and time. At the end of your event, we will pick up the equipment.


  • Wet hire: in addition to standard hire it includes the technical assistance of our staff members during your events. There are many occasions when our customers need some type of sound or image production for large screens or video walls, as well as technical advice for touch devices, in these cases , this formula is the best to meet their needs.


  • Dry hire: this formula only includes equipment rental. The customer collects the equipment at our headquarters on the agreed date and time and returns it under the same conditions on the agreed date.
    It is the most economical option, with a 20% discount on the entire catalog, and it is an option widely used in B2B or with other professionals in the audiovisual sector.