The F34 Truss is an essential solution for  ephemeral structures for events, while offering robustness to install the necessary lighting and sound equipment and create great structures to make your event a success.

The rental of Square F34 Truss is a classic for all types of events, due to its ease of use and adaptability to various types of spaces. With the multitude of shapes, angles and measurements of the Truss elements, very diverse structures can be formed in shape and size, adapting to the assembly space.

The Truss has a low but and its installation is simple. Aluminum structures that have a great resistance, in which you can place the PA systems, lighting, vinyl, carpentry, corporate canvas … That the client wishes.

Due to its characteristics, the assembly of the Square Truss is quick, thanks to its easy handling and its lightness. Taking a short period of time to develop its installation.


The square truss is composed of 30x30 cm aluminium pieces, which allow the creation of any configuration and measure by joining several cubes.


Its structure of low weight and easy handling allows to develop its installation in a short period of time, being ideal for ephemeral events.


The Truss is ideal for the placement of lighting, sound equipment, TVs, LED screens and advertising elements in trade show booths, corporate events, sporting events...

We have different hire formulas. Follow this link for more info about it. In the price offered in our rates we include the transport and assembly up to 50km from Barcelona.

Within our catalogue we also have black Truss, circular Truss, Video Wall and LED Wall. In addition, we have the section of interactive touch formed by large format touches in the form of Smartphones, outdoor totems, rotating totems, totems, kiosks, tables and screens.

SB Service has extensive experience in the rental sector of audiovisual and interactive touch for fairs and all kinds of events. We have been present in many fairs such as Fitur, Alimentaria & Hostelco, Smart city, Aratur, Mobile World Congress, Eno Forum, Work Inn, ADDIT3D, Construmat, Vive la Moto, Expofranquicia, Infarma, Mulafest… Held in cities like Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Nice, Montpellier, Perpignan, Toulouse…

If you wish to receive an estimate adapted to the days of rental or the type of event, please contact our company. To see our latest installations, follow us on our Instagram and YouTube.