Large format LED Wall rental for the 2018 World Cup

The SB Service has prepared an attractive proposal for the upcoming World Cup. Knowing the importance of this sport event and the great interest of customers of different nationalities. We offer a rental package of large format LED Wall during the whole tournament.

SB Service will take care of the transport, assembly and disassembly of the large format LED Wall. Ensuring that your viewing is a success. Without any technical problems. In a world where image is so important, this kind of audiovisual solution is an added value.

Our LEDs with a high refresh rate are ideal for sports events or any other moving video, in addition its resolution is HD and offers a high contrast.

Our packages for the World Cup (31 days) are as follows:

  • Pack 1: LED wall 3 x 2 + truss + 700 w sound. Price 1 month: 10.000 euros
  • Package 2: Led wall 4 x 3 + truss + 700 w sound Price 1 month: 15.000 euros

Includes: Transport (up to 50 km BCN), assembly, disassembly and wiring. Excludes: 21% VAT.

In addition to these promotions is possible to rent the LED Wall in the size you want the contact. Creating the shape you want, the modules of our LED Wall are formed by cabinets of 50 x 50 cm. This allows us to form the shape and size that our client needs.

Rest of the catalogue offered by SB Service for fairs and events:

SB service offers a wide catalogue of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for rent. For fairs, congresses, marketing campaigns, trade shows, exhibitions… The audiovisual section is made up of Black Truss, Circular Truss, Square Truss, Smart TV and Video Wall. And in the interactive tactile section we have totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, tables, screens, kiosks and in the form of Samrtphones.

If you would like more detailed information on a technical, logistical or economic level, please do not hesitate to contact us. And to watch our assemblies follow us on Instagram or YouTube.