Touch Kiosk 65 inches for rent for fairs, congresses, exhibitions…

The new touch kiosk 65 inches with capacitive touch technology and 4K resolution will allow you to show your interactive content from this state-of-the-art touch screen with integrated computer.

The touch kiosk 65 inches has an embedded PC intel i5 7500 with 8GB RAM memory.

The K base design provides a great stability thanks to his counterweight. It will allow you to install this rental touch screen in your event, congress or presentation as an interactive information point for your contents.
Your customers will be able to interact with this multitouch screen of 4K resolution to enjoy your applications and corporate content.

The installation is immediate, we can place the kiosk where you want it.
The wiring is hidden inside the support, so that it can be used anywhere in public spaces or events.
Ideal for the entrance of your stand at the fair, for product presentations, congresses, etc.

The size of this screen is 144cm wide by 81cm high approximately.
The approximate weight of the kiosk is 90kgs.

This 65-inch interactive touch-screen kiosk rental format is very attractive for your acts since its imposing size, high resolution and minimum response time provide an easy and intuitive user experience, identical to that of any high-end Smartphone.

Applications to personalize the touch kiosks 65 inches:

Custom programming (interactive APP´s) for 65-inch 4K multi-touch Kiosk:

  • We develop games, app´s, interactive catalogues, virtual tours, corporate surveys…
  • Our programmers team gives you technical support during your events.
  • We rent both PCAP and IR (more affordable price) touch technologies screens.

The union of our interactive apps and touch-sensitive kiosks makes them ideal for trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, … Attracting a greater number of potential customers to your stand, allowing you to increase sales of your products or services.

For more information on touch-sensitive kiosks and their prices, please refer to the section on touch-sensitive kiosks. And to see the latest work by SB Service follow us on Instagram and YouTube.

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