46″ 3×1 video wall for rent for fairs

The Video Wall is a suitable AV solution when you want to obtain the highest image resolution on a large format screen.
Currently the Video Wall rental market for Barcelona and Spain is limited to full HD. That’s why SB Service have opted for the 4K resolution Video Wall, the latest technology available. This guarantees success in your events or presentations for trade shows, congresses or commercial events.

The 46-inch Video Wall rental monitors are approximately 101cm wide by 57cm high.
With this, we can form different types of large format screen, with three, four, six or nine monitors as a principal standards.

We can also customize the screen composition, according to your needs. These monitors can be used landscape and portrait way.

Assemblies possible with Video Wall:

4K 46-inch 3×1 Video Wall is formed by three displays of last generation with super narrow 1.8mm bezel, the thinnest existing, so that the image looks the same as if it were a single screen.
Original LG displays with 700 nits brightness. The resolution of each monitor is 4K, therefor the image resolution is equivalent to 11520 pixels width by 2160 height.

  • The assembly for landscape mode of a 3×1 video wall  is one row and three columns. And the aspect ratio is 48:9 a real ultra-panoramic screen to show your contents. It has a great visual impact on the audience.
    The final size of your Video Wall screen will be 305.4cm wide by 57.3cm high, which is equivalent to a 122 inches screen approx.

  • The assembly for portrait mode of a 3×1 video wall  is one row and three columns as well. But on vertical position and the aspect ratio is 15:9. We achieve such a great display with only 3 monitors, this screen size is 173cm wide by 102cm high, equivalent to 80 inches.

Wall-mounting installation takes about one hour.
Video signal is managed through a video processor, a “seamless switch” signal controller and a splitter.
SB Service is responsible for transportation, assembly and disassembly, as well as technical assistance during your events if required.

If you want more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us. To follow our services go to YouTube and Instagram.

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