30 x 30 square truss rental promotion for MWC 2019

SB Service offers a new promotion for truss-free rental for Mobile World Congress 2019.

If you need complete truss structures of 30 x 30 for the event of the year do not hesitate to contact us, SB Service will make a promotion for free rental of all our aluminum truss structures.

The square truss structures and scaffolding are very easy to assemble, we provide all the necessary accessories, bases, bolts, conical pins and safety clips and slings. You only need a hammer for assembly.

The free rental is ideal for companies or professionals who have used trusses before and need a B2B support. As well as for the direct customer who has never had it serviced. It is a simple way to save costs and an ideal solution for your structures at trade fairs, events, congresses, exhibitions, stands, product presentations…

You just have to come and pick up the material at our facility. We will give you a small demonstration explaining how to assemble the aluminium structures.
In this way you will be able to assemble the truss yourself, saving costs.

SB Service offers the best prices, per linear metre, on the market for the free rental of square trusses.

SB Service catalogue:

In addition, we offer Led Wall, Video Wall, Smart TV, Square Truss and Black Truss. And interactive touch screens in various formats, such as totems, rotating totems, outdoor totems, kiosks, tables, screens and in the form of Smartphones.

The interactive touch screens can be customized through our interactive apps developed by our team of programmers. We can develop games, menus, digital catalogs, surveys, reservation centers, maps… Developing perfect elements for marketing and advertising campaigns.

SB Service we have extensive experience in the rental sector of audiovisual and interactive that allows us to offer a comprehensive service to our customers.

If you wish to receive a personalized budget, please contact our company in the contact section. And if you want to follow our latest productions follow us on Instagram and YouTube.

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