Led Wall pixel pitch P2.6

SB Service we have the latest technology for rent. Within our catalog consisting of Truss, Smart TV, interactive apps, Led Wall, Video Wall, screens, kiosks, totems and Smartphones touch 4k. The Led Wall pixel pitch P2. 6mm stands out for its quality.

The Led Wall offers an image of high resolution and frequency, getting that the messages, contents and images that are projected, do it in the best possible quality. Impressing the audience that watches it. The screen can be installed on the wall, hung from the Truss structure, on the floor… Adapting to the needs of the client.

Large format LED screens are used in a large number of events. Such as concerts, fairs, congresses, presentations, exhibitions, sports events... Normally, they are used in events where there is a great affluence of public. And they are used so that people who are further away from the place where the action takes place can enjoy and observe the event.

SB Service offers a service to all Catalonia, Spain and Europe. We focus mainly on fairs held in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Nice, Bilbao, Seville, Paris and Millán.

Types of rentals for Led Wall:

We have three types of rental, the first is included in the price up to 50km from Barcelona, includes transport, assembly and disassembly of equipment. The second type of rental includes the rental of the equipment only, especially designed for professionals in the sector. Finally, we offer the possibility of making the first type of rental plus the hiring of a technician to support the event to deal with any inconvenience.

The rental of Led Wall can be complemented with the rental of sound equipment and professional lighting, which will make your event a success.

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