Incorporation of large format rotary touch totem

SB Service presents the latest addition to our catalogue, the large format rotary Touch Totem, with 4k resolution, IR technology, Wi-Fi and integrated computer with Windows Pro 10. Its main difference and feature is the fact that it is rotatable.

Its main difference and characteristic is the fact that it can be rotated. Thanks to its rotation, you can offer information about your company or brand horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs.

The rotary Touch Totem are available in the sizes of 43″, 49″ and 55″ to adapt to the space in which they will be installed. Thanks to its large display, it will present the information in an extended and striking way.

In conjunction with our custom interactive apps are a suitable element for all types of events, fairs, exhibitions, conferences … Developing games, surveys, questionnaires, maps … Our team of programmers can develop menus, interactive catalogs, central reservation, computer graphics, points of sale …

Our totems are ideal elements for hotels, restaurants, shops, malls etc. Also, for advertising and marketing campaigns, events at fairs or product presentations among others.

Thanks to this different and unique way of presenting information about your brand, you will attract the attention of those attending your events. Our experience tells us that beyond the purpose of commercial campaigns, the tools used to enhance them are basic. For this reason, rotating totems are suitable for attracting potential customers who. When they approach your information point (catalogue, website, product presentation) can become real customers. Increasing the sales of your company, product or brand.

Interacting with touch applications or simply browsing your company’s website can create a closer link than on smart TVs, as the end customer will not be able to interact with your information.

Service offered by SB Service:

SB Service offers a professional service based on our extensive experience in the sector. We provide you with tailor-made solutions, content management, technical service… We offer the transport, assembly and disassembly of our material for rent within the price up to 50Kms from Barcelona.

In addition to the Totem Touch, our catalog consists of Truss, Smart TV, Video Wall, LED Wall, interactive screens, totems, kiosks and large format touch smartphones.

If you would like more information about our Totem Touches please contact us. To follow our latest work follow us on our Instagram or Youtube.

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