Applications to personalize our interactive touch

New service of personalized programming of interactive applications for touch devices. Since 2018 SB Service develops interactive applications for kiosks, totems, screens and touch tables.

You can have custom applications for your company: virtual tours, interactive catalogs, questionnaires, corporate games …

Do you want a touch screen with an app to manage your restaurant’s menu every day? Maybe an interactive game (puzzles, card pairing, the famous hangman game, etc.) for your stand? Or an app with maps, places of interest, weather and activities for your hotel?

We produce apps for your visitors to spend a pleasant time while they get to know your products better.
SB Service offers a solution for every idea you have. Our apps are all Web APPs. This gives the advantage that your application will work in all kinds of situations without compatibility problems. You as a customer will be able to see from your business the progress of your idea without having to travel.

Our applications are ideal for large spaces and created to catch the attention of visitors from the first moment.
Users are increasingly demanding interactive content where they can explore, make decisions and participate in the content as actors and not just as simple spectators. Not only will they enjoy their stay at the corporate site or stand, establishment or headquarters, they will also feel part of the event you are organizing thanks to the complete integration of touch screen + app.

We are pioneers in offering all our touch screens in 4K resolution. In fact, we are the only ones in the Spanish market that offer 4K and interactive app development in our products directly.
Another advantage is the possibility of making modifications “in situ” during your events.

All this is because SB Service does not have intermediaries. We are both suppliers of touch screens and developers of interactive apps.

SB service experience:

We have experience in large events such as the MWC, Meeting Point, Fitur, IBTM, Salón del Manga and many more. Of course, we think of you as a company and we also offer solutions for your venue or business.

For more information and to explain your needs please contact us. We will be happy to carry out your PPP proposal. To see our latest work follow us on Instagram or YouTube.

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