Square truss for rent for fair in Barcelona

SB Service has square truss for rental in different types of events. Such as fairs, congresses, presentations, marketing and advertising campaigns. Its structure makes it possible to create all kinds of very versatile structures. With infinity of uses for the construction of all type of stands.

The Square Truss is an aluminum structure with a great advantage for the assembly and disassembly as its weight is very low. Supporting a large amount of weight. Its structure is composed of 30×30 cm cubes. Which allows to develop any configuration and measure thanks to the union of the different modules, in the form they would like. The square truss structure are sections that are joined together to create the desired shape and size. This facilitates transport and handling.

The truss structures are used for the placement of advertising, photocall, lighting, sound or audiovisual elements. Also, they serve as support for televisions or Led Wall.

Rest of SB Service’s rental catalogue:

SB Service offers other elements for rent such as Led Wall, Video Wall and Smart TV. Also, we have the section of interactive touch in various formats. Such as totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, kiosks, tables, screens and in the form of Smartphones.

The interactive touch screens are made up of large format touch screens, 4k resolution, 10 simultaneous touch points, windows 10 Pro computer and Wi-Fi. We have 32″, 36″, 43″, 49″ and 55″ screens. We adapt to the needs of the client and the space where they will be displayed.

This variety of formats and elements will allow us to offer the information about your company, brand, product or service in the best possible quality.

SB Servicie has extensive experience in renting interactive touch screens and audiovisuals for trade fairs and advertising and marketing campaigns held in cities like Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Nice, Barcelona, Toulose, Seville …

To receive a personalized budget, please contact our company in the contact section. If you want to follow our last assemblies follow us in Instagram and Youtube.


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