Tactile Outdoor Totem pole assembly for Madrid IWD 2020 event

SB service has participated in the events held by the City Council of Fuenlabrada during the International Women’s Day 2020 in the Plaza de España of that town in Madrid. In the event we mounted four 55″ tactile outdoor totem. In them the participants could visualize an app with content related to the event. And they could write their own message using the 4k resolution touch screens of the outdoor totems.

The app developed was a 3D animation, where users could read the messages that had been written by other users and could write a new one that was sent to the database. And they could read the following users. In the following images you can see people interacting with the outdoor totems customized with the app.

The tactile outdoor totem were also customized on the outside. Using vinyl with information about the event, both the front and back. The event was a public success. The local mayor himself participated by writing his message of support for women.

On this occasion, we developed our work in collaboration with the marketing company, b2b. That developed the design of the action for the end user.

Below, you can see a picture of the entire event, with the various elements that made it up. Among them our tactile totems, you can see the back and the vinyl decoration with which they were customized.

Rental of interactive tactile and audio-visual devices:

SB Service we specialize in renting audiovisual and interactive touch of large format for events, fairs, advertising and marketing campaigns, conferences, exhibitions … We have square, black and circular truss, LED Wall, Video Wall and Smart TV. In the interactive touch section we have Totems, outdoor Totems, rotating Totems, kiosks, tables, screens and in the form of Smartphones. Les applications interactives vous permettent de personnaliser les appareils tactiles grand format. Developed by our team of programmers, they can create games, information screens, cards, menus, check-in, reservation centers, maps, digital catalogs…

Our experience allows us to offer a comprehensive and professional service to our customers. We are in charge of the transport, assembly and disassembly of all our elements. In cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Nice, Milan, Zaragoza, Valencia, Berlin, Munich, Bilbao, Seville…

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