IFA Global Markets Berlin 2020

IFA Global Markets Berlin 2020 is the most important and traditional technology fair in Europe. IFA Global Markets Berlin shows flat screen TVs, satellite navigation systems and the latest innovations in digital music, telecommunications, imaging, DVD and home appliances.

Apart from general visitors, the fair attracts large contingents of journalists, international representatives of the electronics, information and communications industries, as well as trade visitors such as retailers and traders. The fair is rounded off with specialist events and forums.

Inspiring people – capturing markets – This philosophy makes the IFA the largest public exhibition in the world of Consumer Electronics and also the largest order for trade. The fair is a showcase for innovation and future-oriented technologies – accompanied by a spectacular entertainment programme. Traditionally a large number of new technologies and products experience their premiere at the IFA.

In addition, the IFA is an exciting and entertaining show. Along with a unique variety of innovations, that is unprecedented in the world. Points are made in Berlin and thousands of national and international journalists guarantee maximum publicity. At the IFA, the leading brands in the consumer electronics and household appliance industry were presented jointly and comprehensively under the Berlin Radio Tower. The IFA offers a unique combination of markets and the ideal platform for international traders, buyers, consumers and industry.

Overall, the organizers welcomed some 1814 exhibitors and 245,000 visitors to the Internationale Funkausstellung IFA in Berlin over the 6 days of the fair, from 31 August to 05 September 2018. The Internationale Funkausstellung IFA will take place over 6 days from Friday. September 04 to Wednesday, September 09, 2020 in Berlin.

SB Service offer:

SB Service will participate in the fair with the rental of touch totems in different sizes, from 32″ to 65“. This variety allows us to adapt to the needs of the customer and his stand. The digital totem touches can be customized through the interactive apps developed by our team of programmers. Making their union ideal elements for marketing and advertising campaigns. Our partner Angle Exhibits offers you the possibility to design a unique stand for your presence at the fair.
We also have the rental of audiovisuals. Such as Smart TV, Led Wall, Video Wall, Truss, Black, Circular Truss and Square Truss.

To follow our latest work visit our Instagram. See the Totem Touch section to learn more about their specifications.

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