LED WALL 3 x 2

Large format LED screens are designed to create surprising and spectacular effects for your audience due to their large size and brightness.

These rental LED screens consist of square tiles of 50cm on each side.
When mounting the screen, we can decide how many of these tiles we will use, varying the number of rows and columns to suit your needs.
This gives this audiovisual solution a versatility unique on the market and easily adaptable to the requirements of our customers.

Another factor to consider is the pixel pitch.
This parameter indicates the distance between the pixels, the shorter the distance, the higher the resolution.
Our indoor LED wall is P3.91, one of the most used measures for rental at a fair, events, presentation or any type of indoor act because it offers high resolution.
These screens are viewed optimally at a distance of 4 m.


The 3 x 2 meter LED wall consists of 24 cabinets on six columns and four rows.
Depending on the type of mounting, installation can take approximately two hours.
The equivalent in inches is about 140.
This large format LED display size is powered by two phases (two phases) in two normal 220V sockets.
The aspect ratio is 14:9
The number of pixels is 768 wide by 512 high.
The image is composed of 393,216 pixels.
The refresh rate of our rental LED walls is 3840 Hz, guaranteeing a visual experience identical to that of a Smart TV.
For this, we use the Novastar VX4 video processor.


Our rental price includes transport, assembly and disassembly, all the devices necessary to start the screen and the wiring.
We have professional audio equipment for hire if you need audio to accompany the image, as well as video-mixer consoles.
You can display the content you want on the screen via your own laptop.
Likewise, we offer you the possibility of renting a laptop or a multimedia player with a television signal if you wish to use the screen for sports broadcasts, etc.

We can mount your LED screen on the ground, on the wall (embedded) or hanging from an aluminum structure (truss), by raising it to the required height.
We can also offer you technical assistance during your event.

To find out about the different rental and mounting options for our LED wall screens, don’t hesitate to contact us.