The outdoor totem is the latest addition to our catalog for interactive screens for events, the 4K resolution and the high brightness of the screen as well as the anti-glare glass make its use a perfect experience.


Technical specifications:

Weight: 200kgs aprox
Screen size: 65 inches
Reference: KX-LE65LO
Display: LG Original
Touch technology: Projected capacitive, 10 simultaneous contact points
Brightness: anti-reflective glass for outdoor use
Resolution: native 4K-UHD
Monitor matrix: IPS
Sound: stereo 15W
Average power consumption: 450W
Maximum power consumption: 750W

Built-in computer:

Operating system: Windows
Version: 10 Pro
Processor: Intel i5
Dedicated graphics card: GTX 1050 Ti 4G
OPS resolution: 4K, UHD, Full HD
SSD: 128 GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and LAN

The totem allows the use of an external computer by connecting an HDMI port for audio and video signals and a USB type-A port for the touch function.

The base of the totem goes directly to the ground.

The device is supplied in a flight case.