TOTEM 49″ Windows OPS

Technical specs:

Weight: 90 kgs aprox
Screen size: 49 inches
Reference: KX-LE549LWF
Monitor: LG Original
Touch technology: Projected capacitive, 10 simultaneous contact points
Resolution: 4K
Brightness: 500cd / m²
Monitor matrix: IPS
Sound: stereo 15W
Average power consumption: 175W
Maximum power consumption: 375W

Built-in computer:
OPS: Windows
Version: 10 Pro
CPU: intel i5 7500
OPS resolution: 4K, UHD, Full HD
Storage: 128GB SSD
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and LAN

In addition to the built-in computer, our totems allow the use of any external computer through an HDMI port connection for audio and video signals and a USB type-A port for the touch function.

SB Service totems are ground-based, wheels can be installed if required.

All our touch devices have their own custom flight case.