Heavy weight baseplate


The base plate of 70kgs is an ultra heavy square base ideal for outdoor installations or in circumstances where great stability of aluminum structures is necessary, such as when we make very high structures.
The base plate is made of high-strength steel and has a thickness of 12 mm and a measurement of 800×800 mm.
This type of base is black.
It is used for totems like structures because they require high stability. It is also ideal for certain types of outdoor installations.

SBS has extensive experience in assembling aluminum structures, including major musical tours, marquees, stages, fair stands, finish lines, LED wall structures…since we have been working since 1987.

SB Service supports transport, assembly and disassembly up to 50 km. from Barcelona.
The price per linear meter is one of the cheapest on the market for fairs or events in the region of Barcelona, ​​Madrid or one of the major Spanish and European cities.

If you wish, we also offer the possibility of dry-hire rental, in which case you collect the equipment and return it on the agreed day. The assembly of these structures is simple and although it has never been done with a brief explanatory demonstration, it is sufficient.