Rigging safety steel sling


The steel cable safety sling is the safety sling used by SB Service to assemble truss structures in height.

The 10mm steel cable slings follow the UNE 13414-1 and ISO 7531 regulations.

These security elements hold the aluminum structures in the places where they must be suspended, on the ceiling of the pavilions of the living rooms, beams of shopping centers or any other place indicated by the enclosure. etc.
Each rigging point must be attached to the truss using the safety sling with the correct anchorage and with a maximum authorized load determined by the point and the sling itself.

Safety slings are certified elements and as such, they must pass the relevant revisions and controls for their use.
SB Service checks all rigging equipment before assembly to make sure it is in perfect condition.

Unlike other elements of aluminum structures, safety slings are not rented according to the dry-hire rental formula because they must be installed by a qualified professional.
SB Service assembles truss (aluminum structures) for all kinds of corporate, sporting, cultural events, commercial presentations, fairs, live shows …

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