ESMRMB Congress 2020 Barcelona

The 37th ESMRMB Congress 2020 Barcelona is the Annual Scientific Meeting to be held in Barcelona from 01 to 03 October 2020. This year’s congress will focus on the theme of convergence in MRI. The ESMRMB focuses on the convergence of different disciplines to accelerate scientific knowledge. Its programme focuses on this convergence.

They will present MRI in therapy. They will present the applications of MRI that are widely used to support treatment planning. Also, Artificial Intelligence in Action, our goal is to examine the day-to-day work of developing artificial intelligence systems in the field of MRI. And finally, trends in clinical MRI, updates are presented on topics of great clinical relevance. Including the hot topic of gadolinium retention and deposition and developments in artifact, implant and motion management.

Throughout the congress, educational sessions and plenary sessions will focus on these topics. But there will also be space to discuss broader issues.

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