Restarting work in the events sector thanks to small events

From SB Service we are restarting our activity in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for events, such as fairs, conferences, exhibitions, marketing and advertising campaigns. In the current circumstances we have observed a change in the type of client and event that rents our catalogue.

Due to the health and economic crisis caused by the covid-19, most of the fairs and congresses have been cancelled. Many have been postponed to the last months of the year. Clients who participate in these fairs continue to trust us. But we have seen an increase in demand from marketing and advertising companies for events in shopping centres, restaurants, hotels… Where fewer people will participate, but the visual impact will continue to be a decisive factor in the decisions of potential clients.

Capacity to impact of large format interactives:

To create this visual impact we have a wide variety of large format touch screens. In various forms such as Smartphones, outdoor totems, digital totems, rotating totems, screens and kiosks. Thanks to this variety we can adapt to the needs of each client and type of event. All touch elements are made up of large 4k capacitive touch screens, with multitouch technology, 10 simultaneous touch points, Wi-Fi and 4k computer.

Our large format interactives can be customized through interactive apps. Our team of programmers will develop the application that best suits your needs. We can create games, digital catalogs, menus, information screens, reservation forms, check-in, maps…

In addition to touch devices we have audiovisuals. To be able to build the necessary space for your presentation. The section is made up of Smart TV, Led Wall, Video Wall, Black Truss, Square Truss and Circular Truss. These will allow you to show your information in a different and unique way.

If you want to know the price of renting our interactive and audiovisuals for your events, please contact us, without obligation. Follow us on YouTube and Instagram to see our latest work. In case you need a unique stand visit the website of our partner Tangram Stands.

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