Interactive touch totem for corporate events, company events…

Having an interactive touch totem will allow you to achieve maximum visualization at the event. Ensuring that it will attract the maximum number of attendees to your venue. Within the digital totems we have different sizes, 32″, 36″, 43″, 49″ and 55″. This diversity allows us to adapt to the location, type of event and needs of each client.

The interactive totem touch is designed to be customized through interactive applications. Our team of programmers offers you the possibility to create the interactive application you want. As games, information screens, digital catalogs, menus, check-in, maps, advertising, shopping centers …

Its large size, design and customization will attract the attention of those present. Being a great visual support for potential customers. Allowing you to show and inform about your products and services in a different and unique way. That will differentiate you from your competition, in fairs, congresses, exhibitions, trade shows… Also, they are ideal for transmitting your marketing and advertising campaigns. And their use in restaurants, hotels and shops.

Characteristics of interactive touch totems:

The digital totems are composed of 4k touch screens, wi-fi, 4k computer, multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points. Its high quality components, allow you to play all kinds of images and 4k videos. In addition to the interactive applications, they can be customized with vinyl. That show your logos and corporate colors. Which will make the digital totems advertising elements for your stand or presentation place.

In addition to the indoor digital totems we have outdoor totem poles, rotary totem poles, touch smartphone shape, tables and touch screens. All formed by the same characteristics as the touch totems. Also, we have circular truss, black truss, square truss, Smart TV, Video Wall and Led Wall to show your information in large format and create the perfect space to display it.

Types of digital totem rental

SB Service offers a rental service of the digital totem touch for events. We have various types of rental according to your needs. The first type is the rental with transport and assembly in the place of placement, the next mode is the free rental (the customer will collect the totem touch in our facilities in Barcelona) and the last one is the rental with transport, assembly and technical support during the event.

For a quote adapted to the type of event and rental days, please contact us without obligation. We will inform you about our services and rates. In our Instagram you can see our latest works.

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