Digital touch totems for congresses, exhibitions…

Digital touch totems are one of the main interactive products of our company. They stand out because of their shape and size. We have 32″, 36″, 43″, 49″ and 55″ digital totems. This gets the attention of those present at the corporate event.

Once you have managed to attract the attention of those present you will be able to bring them closer to your information thanks to being tactile. Digital touch totems are customized through interactive apps or url, which allow you to show your information in a different way. This will make potential customers want to interact with the totem. This will make them know your company, brand and products.

The digital totem touch is formed by 4k screens with multitouch technology, 10 simultaneous touch points, Wi-Fi and 4k computer. This makes it possible to play in 4k format your videos and photos.

Benefits of renting digital totems

Having digital indoor touch totems at your events will allow you to stand out from your competition. Making your presence at the event a success. From SB Service we offer the possibility of customizing the digital totem. By means of vinyl, which allows you to show your brand, logo and corporate colors. Also, through interactive applications.

In the section of interactive applications we have a wide variety of games, central reservation, check-in, maps, menus, information screens, digital catalogs … This allows them to be ideal for corporate events, hotels, restaurants, shops and marketing campaigns and advertising.

Experience offered by SB Service

SB Service has extensive experience in the rental sector of interactive touch and audiovisual. The section of large format interactive touch is composed of the formats of smartphones, outdoor totems, rotating totems, tables and screens. And the section of audiovisual and giant screens is formed by circular Truss, square Truss, black Truss, Led Wall, Video Wall and Smart TVs.

We have developed works in all kind of fairs. Like MWC, FITUR; Maderalia, Smart City, Alimentaria, SIMA, IBTM, Infarma, Saló de l’ensenyament, Saló del Còmic, Spannabis… In cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Lyon, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Seville, Bilbao…

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