Resumption of trade fair activity at the fairgrounds in France

France has announced that the fair calendar for the country’s various fairgrounds will be resumed from September. Thanks to this announcement and provided that the situation does not change, the fairs will be held.

Situation of the main fairgrounds in France

The main fairgrounds in France are located in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse and Montpellier. Below is a list of the main trade shows, exhibitions and fairs that will be held in these cities.

In the case of Paris, in the last months of the year, the following fairs and shows will be held: M.A.D.E Paris, Sandwich & Snack show, Salons Solutions, Cloud + Data center, MtoM Iot Embedded and RF & Microwave, L’événement de la Transition, Franchise Expo Paris, BIM World, Sante Expo, Salon restau’co, Foire d’Automne, IBS event, MIF expo, Equip Hotel and European Mobility expo.

The city of Nantes will host the following exhibitions and trade fairs. Salon Créativa, Salon Habiter, 50+ Serion Fair, Foire Internationale de Nantes and Pour L’Amour du fil Show 2020. The following fairs and exhibitions will take place in the city of Montpellier. Concours Exapro, Journées du Patrimoine 2020, Salon Adaptavie, Salon de L’immobilier, Salon Ce & France CE, Foire Internationale de Montpellier, SETT 2020, Creativa, Salon Bio&Harmonies, enerGaia.

The following exhibitions will be held in the city of Lyon. Hexagone, Natexpo, Préventiva, Salon des proximités casino, Forum Labo, Foire de Lyon, Id Créatives, AutoCar expo, Le monde des dinosaurs, Salon du Mariage, Funexpo, Zen & Bio, Beauté Selection, Pollutec, Sirha and Piscine Global Europe. The city of Toulose will host the Salon Vivre Nature reporté and Foire Internationale de Toulouse Nouvelles Dates .

Service and catalogue offered by SB Service for the fairs and exhibitions in France

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