Catalogue of large format touch devices offered by SB Service

SB Service is aware of the economic and health situation caused by covid-19. For this reason we offer various offers in the rental of large format touch devices.

In the current situation showing in a different and unique way the information about your company can be crucial. To be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors at trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions… in which you participate. Also, to develop marketing and advertising campaigns that manage to grow your company’s sales.

For this reason, for years we have incorporated various types of large format touch devices. Below, we explain the benefits of each type to show your information.

Types of large format touch devices

The first interactive touch is the outdoor totems. They are the latest addition or our extensive catalogue. The main benefit of outdoor totems is that they allow you to display your information on a large 4k (55″) touch screen. You will be able to develop your marketing and advertising campaigns outdoors. Withstanding sun, rain, humidity, cold and heat.

The next touch device is the indoor totems. Within these we have vertical outdoor totems, the great benefit is that they allow your customers to interact with your information directly. On large format screens, between 43 and 65 inches, depending on the needs of the event. The rotating totems have the benefit of allowing your information to be displayed both vertically and horizontally. The screen can be rotated according to your needs.

The next interactive touch is the kiosks. Its shape as a table tilted upwards offers the benefit of being able to observe and interact with the information in a comfortable way. We also have different sizes, between 32 and 65 inches.

Also, we have loose touch screens. These have the benefit of being able to be installed anywhere by means of a support with wheels. Or they can be installed inside walls, floors, ceilings… which allows them to be integrated into the assembly carried out by your company.

Our most spectacular interactive: format of a smartphone

Finally, we have the touch devices in the form of a giant Smartphone. This is our most outstanding product, due to its original and unique shape. It is an exact replica of a smartphone, but with a screen between 32 and 49 inches. Its shape manages to attract the attention of those present at the event. This will make it stand out from the competition in a quick and easy way.

All the touch devices are made up of 4k screens, with simultaneous 10-point capacitive touch technology. With a Windows 10 pro computer and built-in Wi-Fi. Being a computer, they can be personalised by means of interactive applications. Our team of programmers can develop the app that best suits your company and type of event or marketing campaign to be carried out.

As a company specialised in the rental of audiovisuals we have Smart TV, Truss, Black Truss, Circular Truss, Led wall and Video Wall. The Smart TV, Led Wall and Video Wall will allow you to show your information on large format screens. And the Truss structures create the perfect space for your presentation place. If to create the perfect space for your company you need a custom stand, contact our partner Tangram Stands.

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