What value do interactives touch screens offer for trade fairs?

Currently, in the various types of events, the way in which the information of the companies present is displayed has acquired great importance. This makes the companies want to attract the attention of the attendees. In order to attract the greatest number of potential customers to your stand or presentation site. This makes many companies interested in the various audiovisual resources to achieve this objective of surprising at trade fairs, exhibitions, marketing and advertising campaigns... Let them participate.

The interactives touch screens offer various benefits to the companies that use them. The main positive factor they offer is interactivity. The interactivity of the device allows those present at the event to interact directly and individually with their information. Achieving a unique experience.

The presence of the tactile devices makes those present feel the need to touch and use it. This fact makes its use attract a greater number of potential customers. Touch screens can also be used as information points for those present. It is a point where the attendees can find information about the event. They can show the situation of the different companies, the list of speakers, the programme, speakers, activities…

A variety of interactives touch screen formats:

SB Service offers interactives touch screens in various forms. As in touch devices in the form of Smartphones, totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, kisocos, tables and single screens. This variety allows companies to choose what kind of interactive touch screens they want for their stand.

All our touch devices consist of 4k touch screens, Wi-Fi, Pro 10 4k computer, multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points. We have different sizes in each type of interactive touch so that our customers can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.

SB Service also offers other audiovisual elements that will allow you to create your perfect stand or presentation place. We have Led Wall, Video Wall, Truss, Circular Truss, Black Truss and Smart TV. Thanks to them you will be able to create the perfect space and show in large format your information. If you need a customised stand please contact our partner Tangram Stands.

If you would like to hire an interactive touch screen for your event, do not hesitate to contact us. And follow us at Instagram to see our work.

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