Benefits of touch devices for rent for your events

At SB Service, thanks to our years of experience, we know that the benefits of touch devices for rent go beyond the way they allow you to present your information. In the current post we will show the various benefits of touch devices in various events.

The first benefit they provide and which is more easily observed. It is the different and unique way in which you can display your information. Allowing your potential customers to interact with the information autonomously. This interactive component makes many of those present want to interact with the device, managing to attract the attention of those present. This will have the effect of attracting a greater number of people to your stand.

The second benefit provided by touch devices is the possibility of being personalised both inside and out. The vinyls allow the personalization of the tactile devices on the outside, exposing the colours and corporate logo of your brand. Inside by means of personalized interactive applications. Developed by our team of programmers. Who will develop the application that the client wants. Being able to create games, information screens, menus, digital catalogues, cards. Check-in… This customization allows to create one more advertising element inside your presentation place.

More benefits of touch devices for rent

The next benefit is the diversity of formats. At SB Service we have touch devices for rent in the form of Smartphones, kiosks, screens, outdoor totems, totems, rotating totems and tables. This means that our customers can choose from this wide variety.

Another benefit is the different uses to which the touch devices can be put. They can be used at the entrances and strategic points of conventions, halls, fairs… To inform visitors about the map, activities, presentations… As information points about your brand within your presentation place. Also, as interactive points in hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, shops… To show your catalogue, make reservations, check-in… And to develop marketing and advertising campaigns that manage to attract the attention of those present.

These benefits make them ideal elements to make your presence in the different events a great success. If you need Truss, Black Truss, Circular Truss, Video Wall, Smart TV and Led Wall to achieve a perfect presence, SB Service also offers you its rental.

In case you need a touch device for your event, please contact us, we will inform you without obligation. In our Instagram you can see the quality of our work. If you need a stand for your presentation, please contact our partner Tangram Stands.


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