Touch Totem for rent for advertising and marketing campaigns

At SB Service we know how important it is to inform yourself about the products and services offered by your company in the advertising and marketing campaigns you develop. In the current post we present the most widely used large format touch device in all types of events, the 4k digital touch totems.

4k touch totems for advertising and marketing campaigns

The touch totem for rent allows you to achieve the goal of displaying your information in a unique way. That it manages to attract the attention of those present at the event. Achieving that a greater affluence in your advertising and marketing campaigns. Its most striking element is the ability to interact directly with a large format touch screen, from 32″ to 65″. Depending on the needs of your marketing and advertising campaign and the space where it will be displayed.

The installation of 4k digital touch totems in strategic places, allows you to advertise your business. Getting a large number of people to know your products and services. To develop your advertising and marketing campaigns we can customize the digital totems through apps designed by our team of programmers. We can develop all kinds of applications, games, digital catalogues, charts, menus, maps, information screens…

Characteristics of 4k touch totems

The 4k digital totems for rent consist of a 4k touch screen, multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points, Wi-Fi and a built-in 4k computer. They are ideal for all types of events, such as trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, marketing and advertising. And for hotels, shops, tourism, restaurants…

SB Service offers various types of rental for digital touch totems to suit your needs. We offer rental with transport and assembly, free rental and rental with transport, assembly and service.

If you would like more information about our digital totems for rent please contact us, without obligation. Visit our Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, you can follow our latest work.


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