Touch screens for fairs, congresses, exhibitions, marketing campaigns…

At SB Service we know how important it is to present information to our potential customers. This importance has made us specialize in the rental of interactive touch screens of various formats. For all types of events and businesses.

One of the most demanded products, due to its versatility, are the touch screens. These can be installed anywhere, thanks to the use of supports with wheels. By means of which they can be installed in the place that the client needs, being able to change it of place at any time. In an autonomous way by our customers. They can also be installed on walls or wherever the customer wishes.

The touch screens, like the rest of the tactile devices, are formed by 4k screens, with simultaneous 10-point capacitive technology, Wi-Fi and 4k computer incorporated. The rest of our interactive touch screens are made up of totems, rotating totems, outdoor totems, tables, kiosks and smartphones. This variety of large format interactive touch screens allows us to adapt to the needs of the campaign that our clients wish to carry out. We also have various screen sizes, between 27″ and 65″, with the same objective of adapting to our clients.

Customised applications for large format touch screens

Touch screens and other devices can be customised by means of customised applications. Developing games, menus, digital catalogues, information screens… Their union makes them ideal devices to show information about your company, brand and product in a different way. Allowing those present at the event to interact in an autonomous and unique way with your information.

The different tactile devices are suitable elements for fairs, congresses, trade shows, advertising and marketing campaigns… Also, for hotels, restaurants, shops, shops... That are looking for a way to differentiate themselves from their competition. By managing to attract a greater number of potential customers to your information.

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