Importance of large format touch technology for sales and booking

Touch technology is increasingly being used in payment, booking and information systems in all types of business. Such as restaurants, shops, shopping centres or hotels. Thanks to a large format touch screen, customers can interact with their information, make reservations and purchases of services and products.

The large format touch screens can be customised to create payment systems, appropriate to the needs of each client. We have an extensive catalogue of touch devices, in the form of smartphones, totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, tables, screens and kiosks. We can install customised applications on these touch elements. This will allow your customers to interact with your information, about your products, services, brands… Display advertising and make payments and reservations. All within the same application.

Customized large format touch devices with interactive applications

Games, maps, digital catalogues, menus... can be installed on the same touch device, allowing your customers to interact with the touch device while waiting to be served. They interact with it in a different and surprising way. This type of touch device allows you to offer consumers the user experience they are looking for today. Allowing them to be users and not simply spectators. Becoming users and being able to interact with their information in a direct way.

Having this type of touch device allows you to attract the attention of more potential customers. Because of their large size and the fact that they are interactive, they manage to attract those present to your information. This means that a greater number of potential customers interact with your information and get to know your brand.

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