Interactive touch totem for events, fairs, marketing campaigns…

SB Service knows the great importance of using interactive touch to show in a different and unique way the information offered by your company in all types of events, thanks to our experience as suppliers of large format interactive touch for rent.

In these years we have observed how the audiovisual sector for events has changed rapidly in recent times. One of the products that has changed the most is the information screen. That at present have passed from being static screens that showed information, to tactile screens of great format. They allow the user to interact with the information in an autonomous way.

At SB Service we have observed this change and have quickly adapted to it. With the introduction to our catalogue of various large format interactive touch screens. Being the most requested by our customers the interactive touch totem.

Characteristics of the interactive totem touch

The interactive totem pole is composed of a 4k touch screen, multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points, 4k computer and Wi-Fi. This high quality makes it possible to display your information in the best possible quality. The rest of our large format touch devices, in the form of Smartphone, kiosks, outdoor totems, rotating totems and tables.

All our touch devices can be customised by means of interactive applications. They allow you to create games, information templates, digital catalogues, maps, reservation centres… Adapted to your information and needs. This makes them ideal for trade fairs, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, congresses, marketing and advertising campaigns…

The large format touch devices, and more specifically the interactive touch totems, will attract the attention of those present at the event. This will attract the greatest number of potential customers to your presentation site and stands.

SB Service offers our service of rental of touch and audiovisual devices throughout Europe. Throughout our experience we have participated in fairs and campaigns in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, Paris, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville, Montpellier, Marseille, Milan… If you wish to have a stand customized to your needs do not hesitate to contact our partner Tangram Stands.

Visit our Instagram to see our latest assemblies and types of devices. In our contact section, you can contact our company, without any obligation.


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