Tactile advertising totem for events, marketing campaigns, advertising…

In the current post we show the benefits of having a tactile advertising totem in your events and advertising and marketing campaigns.

Its presence allows you to develop very visual advertising campaigns. It allows you to surprise those present and attract a greater number of people to your advertising. Making your development a success, achieving the objectives of the organizers of the marketing and advertising campaign.

The interactive applications allow to personalize the tactile advertising totem. Such as games, cards, raffles, reservation centres, maps… Developed by our team of programmers following the instructions of our clients to create the marketing and advertising campaign you want.

The union of interactive applications with large tactile advertising totems makes them ideal for shopping centres, fairs, congresses, exhibitions, hotels, shops, restaurants... Their use allows you to show your company or brand information in a different way. Advertising your products and promotions in a unique and different way. That will make you stand out from your competitors in all kinds of events.

Range of large format interactive touch screens

SB Service offers a wide range of large format interactive touch screens. They can be used in all kinds of marketing and advertising campaigns. We have touch devices in the form of giant Smartphone, outdoor totems, rotating totems, kiosks, tables and screens. All composed of the latest technology, just like our advertising totem pole, with 4k touch screens, Wi-Fi, 4k computer, sound and multitouch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points. To adapt to the needs of each client and the type of event, we have different sizes in each model, from 28″ to 65″. Currently, touch screens must be used by potential customers by using hydroalcoholic gel to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

From our headquarters in Barcelona we offer our services to rent large format interactive touch screens throughout Spain and Europe. Being our main area of work the cities of Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Paris, Milan, Zaragoza, Malaga, Berlin… In addition to the large format interactive touch, we have audiovisuals. Such as Truss, Truss circular, black Truss, Smart TV, Led Wall and Video Wall.

If you wish to obtain a quote adapted to the needs of your event and brand, please contact us without obligation. To see our latest productions and publications, follow us on Instagram. If you need a customised stand please contact our partner Angle Exhibits.


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