Touch technology and its importance in events and marketing

The presence of large format touch devices offers your marketing and advertising campaigns a different and unique way to communicate them. As professionals in the rental of large format touch devices. We expose in the current post the power of touch technology.

The large format touch technology manages to attract the attention of attendees to all types of winds, malls, fairs, conferences, business meetings… Both because of their large size, with 4k touch screens from 32″ to 65″, and because they are touch-sensitive. They make them very eye-catching and get a greater number of potential customers to approach your information. This will increase your company’s sales.

This way of communicating information about your products, services or brand helps to create a different relationship between the consumer and the seller. Since the final consumer or potential client will be able to interact in an autonomous and direct way with the information. This makes the way you approach your information different from the traditional one.

Easily differentiate yourself from your competition thanks to touch technology

With the large format touch devices you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is particularly important for large events such as trade fairs and exhibitions. Where companies from the same sector meet.

Thanks to interactive applications we can customise interactive touch devices. Thanks to the fact that they consist of a 4k Pro computer. They can be personalised with a game, catalogue, maps, information templates, reservation centres… This combination makes them ideal elements for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

To offer a personalized service to each client and type of event. We have large format interactive touch screens in the form of Smartphones, totems, outdoor totems, rotating totems, kiosks and touch tables. This wide variety is complemented by various sizes for each model, with touch screens from 32″ to 65″. If you need a different way to display your information, please contact us, we will inform you of our services and rates. Visit our Instagram to see our latest work. If you need a tent for your event, visit the website of our partner, Top Tent.



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