Premiere web SB Service venta, last novelty of our company

From SB Service we are pleased to announce the launch of our website SB Service venta. Intended for the sale of our large-format touch-screen interactives for restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, shops… This new area of work will be destined to a very specific public. The target public of this sub-brand is the final client. For the use of the tactile devices in the surfaces exposed above.

To offer a complete service to our customers, both in terms of tactile layout and interior applications. As you can see on our website, we have several management modules. We highlight the online command management module and ticket reservations for restaurants.

Management module for restaurants

You can see on our website, the new module for restaurants serving at home or without. We offer the possibility of having web and application, both for mobiles and for large format touch-screen devices. On the website and in the application you will be able to choose the order management application, both to send to your home and to search in the restaurant or to consume in the restaurant itself. The reservation of tables allows your clients to reserve tickets in your restaurant. It allows your clients to book tables quickly and easily. Feel the need to run the restaurant.

On our new website you can see the different types of purchases we offer, depending on the service you choose for each restaurant. You can choose to buy all the services, with a large format touch screen in your restaurant and with a web page and applications. Another option is to use the website and applications. We can customize the different formats with the introduction or not of the order management and table reservation modules.

If you wish to know more, do not hesitate to visit our new SB Service Venta website or to contact us, we will inform you without obligation.



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