Audiovisuals for events and marketing, you can create the event you want

At SB Service we know, thanks to our experience, the great importance of various audiovisuals for events. With your presence the organizers can create the space they need for their event.

SB Service offers a wide catalogue of audiovisuals for events. Formed by Led Wall, Video Wall, Smart TV, Square Truss, Round Truss and Black Truss. This variety allows us to offer our customers various elements they need for their event.

The Led Wall and Video Wall are big screens that will allow large audiences to see the video, image or information shown on them. The LED Wall is composed of various cabinets that come together to create a large screen of high quality, up to measures of 4.5 x 2.5m. The video wall is made up of various 46″ and 55″ screens that are joined together to create large screens, reaching 3.64m x 2.05m. This type of screen is ideal for trade fairs, exhibitions, marketing and advertising campaigns, concerts…

Smart TVs are televisions that allow you to show your company’s information in a different way. That will allow the event attendees to see what your company has to offer in a fast way. We have Smart TV from 42″ to 75″ in 4k resolution and Smart TV of 80″ Full HD.

Ephemeral structures to create unique events

Finally, we have the Truss structures, in black, round and square. Thanks to the Truss structure our clients will be able to create all kinds of shapes. For their events and marketing. Creating ephemeral structures for events such as congresses, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, concerts, marketing in shopping centres, advertising campaigns…

These audiovisual elements will allow you to create an optimal presence for your company or the events you create. In addition, we have the section of large format tactile devices. These devices allow the visitors or attendees of the event to interact and know what your company offers in a unique and different way. This will attract the attention of those present and get a greater number of potential customers to come to your presentation site. We have digital touch totems, outdoor digital touch totems, rotating touch totems, in the form of smartphones, kiosks, touch screens and tables. All are 4k touch screens with 32″ to 65″ multitouch technology.

If this organization a marketing event or the presence of your company in fairs or exhibitions do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation. We offer our services throughout Spain, France and Europe. In cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Paris, Milan, Marseille, Toulouse, Seville, Malaga, Vigo… Visit our Instagram to see our latest work.


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