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SB Service has a varied catalogue of tactiles displays for hire for all types of events. In the current post we make a summary of our catalogue offered for events in 2021 and marketing and advertising campaigns. Thanks to this wide variety you will be able to find the tactile element that best suits your needs.

Touchscreens for rent catalogue

Touchscreens for rent

The first touchscreen model that we offer, being the first interactive touchscreens that we have in SB Service. They are tactiles screens. These have a main feature, which is their versatility. As they do not have any structure other than the touch screen itself, they can be installed on walls, stands, supports… They can be displayed anywhere. In addition, we have tactiles screens between 32″ and 65″. Adapting to the event, location and budget.

Large format touchscreen in the shape of a Smartphone

This touchscreen model, in the shape of a Smartphone, is eye-catching and unique, which attracts the attention of those present at the event. Thanks to its different shape, which simulates that of a traditional smartphone. Its capacitive technology makes its use the same as that of a traditional smartphone, but in a large format. This gives potential customers a different and impressive experience. We have sizes between 32″ and 49″.

Digital Touch Totem

The digital tactile totem model stands out for its elegant and slim shape. They are the evolution of the advertising totems located in shopping centres and events. They allow those present to interact with the information of your company or brand in a different and unique way. We have tactile totems between 43″ and 65″.

Outdoor tactiles totems

Outdoor touch totems are our latest addition. Being a type of tactile totem, but, thanks to its IP65 protection and its higher number of lumens allow them to be outdoors. Being able to work in situations of cold, wind, sun, heat and humidity. This makes them perfect for creating marketing and advertising campaigns outdoors, attracting the attention of a large number of potential customers. We have 49″, 55″ and 65″ sizes.

Tactile Rotating Totems

Touch rotating totems are totems that allow you to display your company information vertically or horizontally according to your needs. They have an upper touch screen of 36″, 43″ or 49″ and a lower screen, where your company can be promoted by means of personalised vinyls. To show your logo or brand colours or product.

Touch screen kiosk

The touch kiosks are characterised by a touch screen placed on a support that allows you to give it the shape of a kiosk. Placing the screen in a comfortable position for people interacting with your information. We have sizes from 32″ to 65″.

Touch table

This model is a touch screen customised to the needs of the client, location and event. Creating touch tables, which are formed by a touch screen in the size desired by the customer and a structure of wood, metal … That contains the touch screen, creating a touch table that offers various possibilities of presentation of your information.

Characteristics of the touchscreens for rent

All touchscreens for rent have 4k touchscreens, Wi-Fi, built-in computer and capacitive technology, with 10 touch points. This means that they can be customised with programmes and applications personalised for each client. Being able to display the information you want. Creating eye-catching marketing and advertising campaigns for trade fairs, congresses, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, tourism, exhibitions, sporting events… In cities all over Europe. Like Madrid, Lyon, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Hanover, Paris, Marseille, Turin, Geneva, Brussels, Nantes, Toulouse, Munich… From our headquarters in Barcelona.

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