Mobile World Congress 2021, audiovisual catalogue for the event

Continuing with the previous post we present our catalogue of audiovisuals for rent for the Mobile World Congress 2021. Being the most important fair held in Barcelona. MWC 2021 will take place between 28 June and 1 July. Below you will find our audiovisual catalogue.

Catalogue of audiovisuals for rent for Mobile World Congress 2021

Smart TV

We have a wide range of Smart TVs for rent. We have 42″, 43″, 50″, 55″ and 60″ Smart TVs in FULL HD and 4K.  In 65″, 70″ and 75″ in 4k and 80″ in FULL HD. This variety of sizes allows our customers to choose the size they want according to their needs and budget. Thanks to Smart TVs for rent, you can display your brand or company information in an eye-catching way. That will attract the attention of those present

Led Wall

In this section we have large Led Wall screens for rent for all kinds of events. We have different sizes, 2×1,5m, 2x2m, 3x2m, 4×2,5m and 4,5×2,5m. The Led Wall allows you to create large screens of high quality. This will allow the majority of those present to observe your information from a distance. Attracting a greater number of people to your stand.

Video Wall

The Video Wall, like the Led Wall, allows you to create large screens thanks to the union of several monitors from 46″ to 55″. Within the union of the 46″ monitors, we have different options, 2×2, 3×2 and 3×3, creating monitors of 2,05×1,15m, 2,07×1,15 and 3,07×1,73m. And in the union of the 55″ monitors, we have different options, 2×2, 3×2 and 3×3, creating monitors of 2,42×1,37m, 3,64×1,37 and 3,64×2,05m.

Square, round and black truss

The Truss allows the creation of ephemeral structures capable of supporting a great weight. You can install lighting, sound, signage, fabrics… Any type of element you need to create a unique space for your company. We have square Truss, round Truss and black Truss. This way, you can choose the Truss that best suits your needs.

From our headquarters in Barcelona. We offer the rental service of audiovisual and tactile interactive large format for events of all kinds. Such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions, trade fairs, marketing and advertising campaigns… In cities like Seville, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Girona, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Tarragona…

If your company will be present at the Mobile World Congress 2021 and you want to show your information in an eye-catching way, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you about our services and rates. Follow us on Instagram, you can see our latest work.

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