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The rental of interactive displays for events, fairs, congresses, exhibitions… is becoming more and more common. Thanks to the great power of attraction that they have. Due to the fact that they are large-format tactile interactives. They allow those attending this type of event to interact with the information, advertising, marketing campaigns… In a direct, autonomous and different way. This interactivity and ability to attract a greater number of potential customers to their information, makes many companies interested in renting tactile interactive displays for their events.

This interest shown by companies for their presence at trade fairs, congresses, shows… Or for the organisation of their own events. This has led us to expand our catalogue of large format tactile interactives.

Types of tactile interactives for company events

  • Tactile totems
  • Outdoor totems
  • Tactile kiosks
  • Rotating touch totems
  • Smartphone shaped
  • Touchscreens

All our large format touch devices are made up of 4k touch screens, multitouch technology, 10 simultaneous touch points, computer and built-in Wi-Fi. This allows them to be customised with your company information in the format of your choice. As informative templates, applications, games, images, videos… In this way, you will allow potential customers to interact with your information through gamification.

Technology makes work easier and faster. With our interactives it is possible to facilitate events. We can transform the interactive into a screen where we can share images, videos, applications… Interacting with yours customers. Thanks to the touch screens you can expand the sales space. Since the customer will be able to browse your catalogue autonomously. In addition, the staff will have a constant assistance tool. Attracting the attention of people passing by, showing your new products and improving the customer service experience.

Our service of tactile and audiovisual devices rental for events is characterised by listening to the customer, understanding their needs and finding the most suitable tool for your company. We will help you choose the tactile interactive that best suits your needs and the type of event. If you want to know more about our tactile interactives, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you, without obligation. Visit our Instagram to see our latest montages.


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