A different way to stand out and make an impact at events

Nowadays, the way in which we make an impact and attract the attention of attendees or guests at events is becoming increasingly important. But also the clients of hotels, restaurants, shops… Thanks to this impact we can attract a larger audience to your brand’s information. This can lead to new customers and sales, if when they approach your information they find what they were looking for or services, products, etc. that they find interesting.

Large-format tactile interactives, a way of making an impact

Within these new ways of impacting a large audience in events, hotels, etc., we find the possibility of having large-format touch devices. These are composed of large format touch screens (between 27″ to 65″), which allow you to display your information in large format. Getting a large audience to see your information, advertising, marketing campaigns… This will make your information reach many more companies.

SB Service has been adapting our offer to the latest developments in the audiovisual sector. Obtaining, the current, wide catalogue of large format interactives. Which consists of digital touch totems, rotating touch totems, outdoor totems, smartphone totems, touch kiosks, touch screens. All with multitouch technology, Wi-Fi and built-in computer.

The interactive touchscreens are designed to connect to the internet, allowing updates and customisation from other geographical locations. Available in various screen sizes that can be customised to suit the customer’s needs. They are ideal for displaying brand advertising both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for exhibition stands, congresses, trade fairs, shows, exhibitions…

By incorporating touch technology, they are screens that offer maximum performance, with the capacity for 24/7 use. They create a more personal experience for the consumer, allowing them to explore the possibilities offered by the product before making the decision to buy it.

Audiovisuals for impact

Another way to make an impact and stand out is by creating large structures or large images. To achieve this goal we have Led Wall, Video Wall, Square Truss, Round Truss, Black Truss and Smart TV.

By means of the different types of Truss we can create the large structure that the client desires. Creating large spaces that will impact the audience present and allow various activities to take place inside.

And, by means of Led Wall, Video Wall and Smart TVs, you will be able to show your information on large screens. This will allow large audiences to observe your company’s information. This is really important for large events such as trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions…

SB Service as specialists in the rental of high quality tactile and audiovisual interactive displays for events. We have participated in many fairs, such as MWC, FITUR, ISE; Saló del Cómic, Saló de l’ensenyament, Bforplanet, Automobile Barcelona, IOT Solutions World Congress, SIMA, Smopyc… In cities like Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Berlin, Paris, Milan… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our services and rates. Follow us on Instagram, you can see our latest work.


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